Who We Are

Because of our reputation as a fast-paced and ambitious, business delivering cutting edge innovations across a variety of industries, some are surprised to learn that our company history spans over 35 years. From our beginnings as a small distributor in 1980 to our current large scale chemical and aerosol manufacturing facility in Lancashire which now spans close to 2 acres, we have always delivered the same high quality throughout our constantly evolving portfolio of products and services.

Over the years we have grown into an industry leading chemical manufacturer, developing and producing goods for our customers which continue to add a value to both small businesses and global brands alike. We are ISO 9001 accredited and our own trusted ranges of ‘Liquid Science’ branded products are distributed throughout plumbing, building and tile retail outlets across the country, while our in-house design team are able to supply the same shelf-ready packaging on all of our products with our customers’ brand image on the label.

At Melpass, our values are simple – quality products, paired with reliable customer service and technical support teams, contributing bespoke solutions to the needs of individual customers. We are innovation driven and our ongoing research into the development of chemical and aerosol products is reflected in the high standard we set and the ability to deliver the potential of existing and future products across practically every industry that makes use of chemicals.

What We Do

Melpass chemical products are 100% British made and deliver a leading standard of quality across a variety of industries for use both behind the scenes and on the shelf. Our vast catalogue continues to expand under our team of chemists and technical advisors who understand that customers aren’t only looking for the trusted and practical necessities we supply to keep their business or trade running smoothly, but also tailor made innovations and custom product refinements to help their organisations improve, grow and work more economically. If you have an idea – our development team can make it a reality.

We make chemical and aerosol products for just about every application, from heavy-duty factory and machinery maintenance, to automotive industry greases and lubricants, to domestic cleaners set for retail distribution. We also have several notable accreditations which allow us to manufacture specialist products including a range of premium BuildCert approved radiator inhibitors which we supply under our own Liquid Science brand and labelled for other customers. As an additional bonus, Our in-house printing services are included for free with all of our products and even cover aerosols with full colour, high resolution, photo labels; four colour silk screens or lithographic print for larger runs.

Our People

Over the years, the current team of industry leading professionals at Melpass has been shaped by our entrepreneurial growth into other business sectors. As our catalogue of services and products has expanded, we have sought out the best technical, sales and production advisors to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of expertise and goods to our customers across every business area we trade into. With our most recent growth into aerosol production we acquired a team of staff with over 15 years of experience working with the extremely specialist equipment required to produce and fill aerosol canisters.

Our ever-evolving team of technical and sales advisors possess an expansive knowledge of industry specific insights and are able to identify solutions to almost any issue that a chemical product could solve. Our staff have developed everything from grass fragranced cleaners for artificial turf to railway track treatments which help trains to run more safely and economically. Because all of our personnel operate in-house, we are able to develop and enhance existing products or create new solutions fit for the most specific of purposes and manufacture them at practically any scale. Our customer service advisors are happy to direct any enquiries you might have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We strive where possible to develop and promote environmentally beneficial alternative solutions to everyday problems.