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Purpose Built Aerosol Manufacturing for Practically Every Industry

Our in-house production team have developed and manufactured products for hundreds of different industries across the world.  Our expertise developed from years of working with retail and industrial markets make us a great fit for any business who need an aerosol manufacturer to work with them directly to deliver their product.


Small Runs, Big Ideas

Our manufacturing plant is built to be adaptive, and can be calibrated to deal with short runs of aerosols in a cost effective way. Shorter run volumes are particularly popular for national brands trialling products and start-ups and smaller businesses looking to gain a foothold with an exciting new product. Talk to us to see what we can do for you.

Scale Up for International Retail

We can scale our manufacturing output to international retail levels and work with the flow of your supply chain to meet customer demand.  Our automated aerosol lines run products for big brands which cover global distribution networks and keep the shelves of major British retailers stocked.
In 2014 we made significant investments to acquire additional manufacturing plants in order to establish our own aerosol production facility along with the expertise required to fulfil the varying demands of our customers.  Integrating aerosol production with our chemical manufacturing plant allowed us to deliver complete ranges of products to our customers at a fraction of the cost of distributors and to equip our team of industrial chemists with the tools they need to create further innovations in the businesses sectors we supply.

Our facility has since undergone substantial upgrades to accommodate virtually any type of contract, from small batch runs of specialist industrial formulations that require expertly engineered manual processes to fully automated runs of hundreds of thousands of units of retail friendly products.


Key Features:


– Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Production Processes Available

– Small batch fills to 100,000+ units

– Top of the range production line

– Litho, screened and labeled packaging options available

– Capable of manufacturing any size of aerosol can

We Won't Keep you Waiting

We can manufacture aerosols to order in as little as three working days. It’s easy to see why we’re a great fit businesses who need manufacturing services that integrate with a wide range of supply chains and distrution models.

Core aerosol products manufactured to order and delivered in just 3 days

Large contract orders fulfilled in up to a maximum of 15 days









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