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Roof Doctor

Aerosol Roof and Gutter Repair Compound

An easy to use, economic, product for sealing and coating joints and surfaces with bitumen.  No need for messy application brushes.  The 500ml aerosol is very easy to transport and carry compared to traditional bitumen compounds. 

Bitumastic Solar Reflective Flexible Rubberised Coating for Roofs

Thaumafix PRC-Silver

Reflective aluminium fibre reinforced with a butyl rubber for a robust, brush-on coating for roofs.

Instant Waterproofing Acrylic Coating for Roofs

Thaumafix Acrylic – Grey

This resin based and waterproof roof repair compound can be applied in damp conditions and is effective on all common roofing surfaces.

Bitumastic Tarmac Restorer

Thaumafix Restore

Restores colour, reduces water penetration and protects from dirt and grime build-up. A tough, flexible formulation for drive and pathways. 

Flexible Bitumastic Rubberised Coating for Roofs & Garden Ponds

Thaumafix PRC

Fibre reinforced with butyl rubber for a robust, brush-on coating which can be used on roofs and  garden ponds.

Bitumastic Roof Repair Compound

Thaumafix R

Single application waterproof compound which offers permanent roof and gutter repairs even in wet conditions.

Plasticiser Concentrate


Our premium mortar plasticiser is double concentrated, offering all the benefits of standard plasticisers with more cost efficiency. Improves workability of mortars, minimising cracking and crazing in mixes.

Waterproofer Concentrate


Professional grade and super concentrated, this additive completely waterproofs cement mortars while increasing the strength and durability of the overall mix.

Accelerator Concentrate


This additive vastly accelerates the setting and hardening times for mortar mixes. A powerful solution with the benefit of a super concentrated formulation to keep you in control of dilution rates. 

Block Paving Sealer


A cost effective and hard wearing water based sealer for pavements and patios. Protects against dirt, oils and algae growth.

Liquid Weather


Liquid Weather blends together the surfaces of all kinds  of mixed masonry: remedying major differences in colour and shade between bricks, tile and slab and also harsh contrasts in newly mortared jointing.

Masonry Water Shield


Shields surfaces from efflorescence, freeze-thaw, moisture damage and powdering with a unique micron thick skin to repel water and all other contaminants.  Works on surfaces like brick, stone, concrete, tiles, blocks, grout, render statues and garden ornaments. 

Brick Acid


Specifically designed to remove cement and concrete from bricks. Can be used to remove mortar and lime deposits. 

Patination Oil Aerosol


A convenient, precision, product for applying Patination Oil to roofs and other surfaces: simply spray on the aerosol and leave to set with no unnecessary mess or application tools.