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Our chemical manufacturing plant is at the heart of our operations. The facility grew out of our
Our chemical production facility is at the heart of our mission. We’ve built up it’s means around the principals of efficiency, flexibility and quality and our key operators have developed peerless expertise in manufacturing, packaging and logistics for chemical products from decades in the industry.

Our flexible approach and completely integrated facility mean we’re able to fulfill orders and contracts that require anything from multiple automatic filling and packaging lines of machinery to blends and finishing procedures that require manual processes to be involved.

We believe in working with our customers to deliver the results which they demand, and our long standing experience in production for both retail and industrial sectors means we can ensure the highest standards are being carried across any market place.

We Care about Chemicals

Read the case study below for an insight into how we developed a new cleaning chemical product for a major national brand.

The Brief

Changes to hazardous materials designations within household cleaning products meant a major British home and lifestyle brand needed a new formulation for their bathroom cleaner to sell through 68 national stores and a successful eCommerce site.  The brand approached us with specifications and a budget, and asked us to produce a cleaner which could exceed the performance of their existing product.

The Process

We worked closely with the client’s development and marketing teams to engineer a product that would deliver on cost efficiency and customer expectation while exceeding the performance and marketability of it’s predecessor.

Our chemists developed a range of development formulations with various adjustments to fragrances and active ingredients which were sent for trial with focus groups on our side and a selection of trusted customers of the client.  We sourced new packaging solutions to stand out against competition at the point of sale which could also be securely transported direct to customers from the client’s eCommerce function.

With decisions on packaging and formulations made, our logistics and production teams integrated new automatic filling and plastic wrapping elements into our facility so Melpass could mesh more seamlessly with the client’s supply chain.

The Result

A success! The product was launched and sales boomed.  Melpass delivered a cost effective cleaner which delivered on marketability, performance and repeatability, and a production and logistics system which integrated into the brand’s chain seamlessly.  We have since developed another complimentary product using the same winning template for the brand.

Wide Ranging Production

From large scale production for international coverage right the way down to bespoke short runs, we employ a range of production methods across our facilities which can be tailored to your needs.

Our Capabilities.

From fully automatic filling in volumes suitable for international distribution right down to bespoke semi-automatic manufacturing processes for something extra special, our chemical manufacturing plant is designed to be client focused, with efficiency and flexibility at the forefront of everything we do.

Unmatched Flexibility, World-Class Efficiency


Small batches to 100,000+ units: From development to delivery in a matter of weeks


Automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment across blending, filling and packaging lines for bespoke production options or rapid bulk manufacturing.


Decades of experience in operations and logistics for both retail and industrial chemical markets. We can adapt to your supply chain.


Specialist manufacturing equipment for corrosive substances including a dedicated sulphuric acid production line

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