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Aerosol Production

Aerosol Production

Aerosol Production

In 2014 we made significant investments to acquire additional manufacturing plants in order to establish our own aerosol production facility along with the expertise required to fulfil the varying demands of our customers.  Integrating aerosol production with our chemical manufacturing plant allowed us to deliver complete ranges of products to our customers at a fraction of the cost of distributors and to equip our team of industrial chemists with the tools they need to create further innovations in the businesses sectors we supply.

Our facility has since undergone substantial upgrades to accommodate virtually any type of contract, from small batch runs of specialist industrial formulations that require expertly engineered manual processes to fully automated runs of hundreds of thousands of units of retail friendly products.

Key Features:

– Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Production Processes Available

– Small batch fills to 100,000+ units

– Top of the range production line

– Litho, screened and labeled packaging options available

– Capable of manufacturing any size of aerosol can

Chemical Production

Chemical Production

Chemical Production

Our chemical production facility is at the heart of our mission. We’ve built up it’s means around the principals of efficiency, flexibility and quality and our key operators have developed peerless expertise in manufacturing, packaging and logistics for chemical products from decades in the industry.

Our flexible approach and completely integrated facility mean we’re able to fulfill orders and contracts that require anything from multiple automatic filling and packaging lines of machinery to blends and finishing procedures that require manual processes to be involved.

We believe in working with our customers to deliver the results which they demand, and our long standing experience in production for both retail and industrial sectors means we can ensure the highest standards are being carried across any market place.

Key Features

– Unmatched flexibility in the production process

– Automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment across blending, filling and packaging lines

– Small batches to 100,00+ units

– Dedicated equipment for corrosive substances

– Decades of experience in operations and logistics for retail and industrial chemical markets

Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Observing our customers’ growing need for a more streamlined and integrated product development process, we established an artwork team of designers and print technicians to complement our manufacturing capabilities.  The significant investments made into printing and reprographics technology have given us the facilities to produce large volumes of high quality laminated memjet labels and packaging in-house, in addition to the many other available printing options we’re able to facilitate.

We understand the importance of supporting small businesses and independent traders through the product development process and offer label design at no extra cost on the majority of our retail products.  Additionally, our experienced technicians have full pre-press training to ensure our customers’ designs are reproduced to the highest possible standard during the printing process.

Key Features:

– Full high quality Memjet label and package printing facility

– Dedicated team of designers and pre-press print technicians

– Complete range of printing options available

– Label designs at no extra cost

– Fully Automated and manual packaging and labeling procedures available