Say hello to the brand new Melpass website!

We believe that knowledge is power, so in addition to all of the useful information about our chemical and aerosol products and manufacturing capabilities available on our website, we’re going to be updating this blog with a wealth of industry insider news and information about chemical and aerosol production for the many business sectors we supply.

We want to help keep our customers ahead of the curb on innovations and new applications in the industrial chemistry that keeps their sectors running efficiently: to keep them ahead of their competition, to keep costs down and to help our consumers make informed decisions on the manufacturers they contract to develop and produce their chemical products. So keep checking back for new updates!

Want to know how a degreaser degreases? Or how our chemists developed a quick application chemical product to keep the countries rail services running smoothly? Or simply how an aerosol canister is made, packaged and delivered to a shop floor?

Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to see on our blog.

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