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BuildCert Approved Corrosion Inhibitor


Our premium, BuildCert approved central heating system corrosion inhibitor offers complete protection for radiators and heating systems, prevents corrosion and vastly improves longevity.  A truly powerful product. 

Corrosion Inhibitor


Offers full protection for radiators and central heating systems, preventing general wearing and corrosion while improving the system’s overall longevity and effectiveness.

General Purpose Radiator Flush


Helps prevent and remove the build up of general sludge to keep heating systems working at full capacity.

Acid Radiator Flush & Descale

Helps prevent and remove the build-up of limescale to keep heating systems working at full capacity. For hard water and bore hole systems.

Radiator Power Flush


An extremely effective, acid based radiator power flush which clears heating systems of waste build up. Suitable for use in powerflush machines.

Sludge Remover


A powerful black iron oxide sludge remover used to restore circulation to part blocked radiators and dead spots.

Radiator Silencer


Our silencer reduces boiler noise and improves heat transfer efficiency to keep heating systems working at optimum capacity.

Leak Sealer


A soft seal forming polymer for use in all types of water circulation central heating systems to deal with minor leaks and seeps through joints, pipes and fittings.

Caustic Drain Cleaner


A heavy duty formulation suitable for both the shock treatment of problem drains or for regular dosing as a preventative maintenance procedure. 

Sulphuric Acid Drain Cleaner

Liquid Drain Rod

This powerful solution clears drains by dissolving organic materials, destroying bacteria, fungi and algae.

Alkali Drain Cleaner


A concentrated blend designed to attack various materials which cause blockages. Suitable for both shock treatments and regular dosing.

Leak Detector


A foolproof way to target leaks in gas systems and pipelines; our leak detector spray is fast, handy and effective.

Pipe Freeze


Our freezer spray forms an ice plug in pipe systems to save time spent draining water. A very efficient and easy to use product.

Maintenance Spray


Our maintenance spray displaces moisture, protects against corrosion, lubricates rusted or stuck mechanisms and parts and removes bonding materials. One product with hundreds of uses.

Silicone Lubricant


Ideal for use on weather strips, mouldings, trim, rubber doors and window seals.  Protects against hardening and cracking and eliminates window squeaks and sticking.

Air Duster


A handy cleaning product which is completely safe to use on circuit boards, computers and many other delicate surfaces and objects.