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With over 35 years of experience inthe printing industry, Melpass are a UK based manufacturer who are dedicated to developing a comprehensive range of superior chemical and aerosol products, innovations and applications which are supplied worldwide.

Water Based Cleaners

Explore our range of water based products which cover every application from on-press cleaning to ultrasonic tank additives.

Solvent Based Cleaners

Delve into our base range of solvent cleaners & maintenance solutions and improve the  performance & lifespan of your anilox & press.

Specialist Cleaners

Our specialist cleaners offer cutting edge and efficient solutions to problems that occur around the press room that can’t be solved with traditional cleaners.

Miscellaneous Cleaners

A range of toolkit items for press room cleaning and maintenance, here you can find paper products, lubricants and adhesives you need to help get the job done.


Cleaner cells make cleaner prints. Let's optimise your press with a tailor designed cleaning schedule

Water Based Cleaners

Keeping high quality water based chemicals in the print room is an important step in helping your business cut down on the day to day maintenance of anilox cylinders and the press itself. Water based ink cleaners provide longer working times for on-press cleaning and effective multi-use solutions for ultrasonic and immersion tanks and other off-press machinery.

Solvent Based Cleaners

Print solvents excel in re-wetting dried inks and residues.  We offer products for spot cleaning, deep cleaning, frame of press treatments and off press chemicals for use in dip tanks, ultrasonic tanks, as well as many other technologies.

Specialist Products

Our specialist products cover premium blends of solvent and water based chemicals to use on more specific applications around the print room. Whether you’re looking for a chemical product to for plate washing machinery or a heavy duty lacquer remover for PVB inks, we’ll be able to find a solution for you.

Miscellaneous Products

We can provide lubricants, adhesive materials and paper products to keep your press room essentials stocked up.  All of our miscellaneous printing products are designed to deliver the highest performance when used in conjunction with our core ranges.


Transfer efficiency can be improved by up to 62% with regular cleaning and maintenance

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Consultation is an important part of the service we offer at Melpass.  With a team of in-house chemists and technical advisers with decades worth of experience in the printing industry, we can quickly ensure your team are equipped with the products and knowledge they need to drive efficiency forwards.

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