Miscellaneous Print Room Products

A range of toolkit items for press room cleaning and maintenance, here you can find paper products, lubricants and adhesives to help get the job done.

Our Accessories

In the print room the quality of paper products and other ancillary items is imperative to productivity on the job and ease of cleaning afterwards.  All of our accessory products are graded for use in professional environments and deliver measurable improvements in calibre against the standard items found elsewhere.


Super Strength Hand Cleaner

This extremely heavy duty cleaner paste is ideal for removing stubborn substances like print room inks and machine greases from the hands.

Low Lint Rolls


Our low lint rolls allow you to clean and prepare print room surfaces without leaving behind lint residue and contaminates. The wipes can be used right off the roll or from a dispenser with no fuss.

Critical Wipes

Absorbent Wipes

Manufactured to a standard of Group 4 clean room specifications, these 100% lint free wipes are ideal for day to day cleaning and maintainance in areas where zero linting is the cleaning standard.

Spill Kits


We offer a vast range of spillage and containment solutions in various sizes and strengths.


Heavy Duty Adhesive Aerosol

This water resistant aerosol has an extreme bond strength which is ideal for both general print room use and other industrial applications.

Big Wipes

Super Sized Wipes

Extra large wipes with the cleaning power to remove oil, paint and grease. A handy and convenient multi-purpose cleaning product for press room operatives.


Silicone Lubricant Aerosol

Ideal for use on joints, rollers, mouldings, rubber trim and seals. Protects against hardening and cracking and eliminates squeaks and sticking


PTFE Liquid Lubricant

This PTFE based liquid product enhances lubrication and protection and dries to a clear film that resists dirt, dust and oil.

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Our core range of solvent cleaning products for the print industry doesn’t cover everything we can do.  A big part of the Melpass service is working with our customers to find the chemical and aerosol products that are right for their specific requirements.  Get in touch using the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch to see how we can help.