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Our rail line treatments and cleaners keep transport across the world moving. Whether you’re looking for cold weather protection or rapid action cleaners to break down leaves on the track, our technical team will ensure that the products match your specifications for performance exactly to avoid down time, improve performance and cut down on costs in the long term. We also supply engine flushes, engine cleaners and degreasers as well as general cleaning products for on board maintenance in a range of fragrances, concentrations and packaging options to keep your customer experience on brand and looking fresh.

Our technical team have decades of experience in the rail industry and welcome any inquiry, no matter how big or challenging. 

Get a flavour of what we do by looking through a selection of our stock products below.

Citrusol Rail


Ultra modern water based degreaser and leaf mould remover with built-in natural citrus solvent. The unique formulation imparts exceptional versatility. Can be used by spray, brush or wipe, yet is equally effective as a dip tank cleaner or through high pressure washers, whether hot or cold.

DS41/ DS51


Specially formulated descalers for the removal of stains from brick and tile; for the removal of algae and scale from swimming pool surrounds; for the removal of excess mortar from mixing trucks, forms etc.; for the descaling of cooling systems, boilers, etc.



Heavy-duty cold degreaser for the cleaning of engines, equipment and grease embedded concrete floors. Eliminates the need for heat or scrubbing, just spray, let stand, then hose off grease and grime.



Mud and silt remover for cooling towers, sewers, drains etc. Effective even when drains are up to 50% blocked, Superfloc breaks up deposits into fluffy particles that are washed through the system by normal water flow.



Unique water-based hydrocarbon particulator, efficiently deals with all type of bitumen, oils, fuels, fats and greases. Effectively splits and solubilises hydrocarbon deposits without the problems of re-deposition when washed away. Will not harm painted surfaces, plastics, metals, fabrics etc. and contains no heavy aromatic solvents.



Highly concentrated bleach which disinfects and deodorises in one operation, kills all known germs and is equally effective in both hard and soft water areas.

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