Solvent Print Room Cleaners

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Solvent Ink Removal

Keeping a stock of high quality solvent cleaners is essential for any print room environment. Solvents excel in re-wetting dried inks and residues.  We offer products for spot cleaning, deep cleaning, frame of press treatments and off press chemicals for use in dip tanks, ultrasonic tanks, as well as many other technologies.


Print Room Adhesive Remover 

A non-staining solvent cleaner developed specially for the printing industry. Removes the adhesive residues left behind by double-sided tapes used to attach printing plates to cylinders with little effort.


Solvent Ink Remover

A safer alternative to toluene and xylene, developed to deep clean plugged anilox rollers quickly and easily. The product will not harm metal surfaces.


Water Soluble Flexographic Ink Remover 

Formulated with flexographic ink in mind, this solvent based ink cleaner is a safe replacement for Acetone  and Ethyl Acetate. It is extremely water soluble making it perfect for general cleaning
and ink removal.

Tornado FC

Heavy Duty Solvent Ink Cleaner

This powerful ink remover is designed to remove stubborn, solvent based, inks even when dried. Water soluble and safe for use on a all kinds of surfaces and machinery including Anilox, rubber rollers and frame of press. Also suitable for use in diptank and ultrasonic tanks.

UV Wash

UV Ink Remover

A versatile solvent based printing ink and varnish cleaning solution which is safe to use for removing U/V ink on printing machines, parts and rollers. Available in ‘Extra-Contact’, ‘Quick’ and ‘Fast’ formulations for different evaporation rates.


Solvent Cleaner and Heavy Duty Adhesive Remover

A powerful solvent cleaner and heavy duty adhesive remover ideal for general print room use and maintenance, developed to remove adhesive residues and ink from most machinery and surfaces.

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