Specialist Print Room Cleaners

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Specialist Ink Cleaners

Our specialist products cover premium blends of solvent and water based chemicals to use on more specific applications around the print room. Whether you’re looking for a chemical product to for plate washing machinery or a heavy duty lacquer remover for PVB inks, we’ll be able to find a solution for you.


Heavy Duty Specialist Ink Remover

This highly effective blend of specialist solvents is formulated to remove acrylic, PVB, two pack inks, enhanced pigment process ink, water based inks, coatings and lacquers designed to print on a substances such as films, plastics, foils from a variety of surfaces including anilox rollers.

Technisol 1310

Premium Ink Remover & Anilox Cleaner

A slow evaporating blend of high quality solvents designed to clean anilox rolls. The deep searching action of this product will remove almost all inks, varnishes and residues that other cleaners struggle with.

Adhesive & Varnish Remover

Adhesive and Varnish Remover

A slow evaporating blend of high quality solvents designed to clean adhesive and laquer residues. The deep searching action of this product will remove almost all varnishes, residues and other coating materials common to the printing industry that other cleaners struggle with.


Heavy Duty Anilox Cleaner

This alkaline cleaner draws out and removes both water and solvent based inks embedded in the cells of Anilox rolls. Its slow evaporation rate makes it ideal as a powerful spot cleaner or to deep clean entire rolls.

Melpawash 1000

Squeegee Cleaner for Conveyor Plate Washing Machines

Designed for use in conveyor plate wash machines, this water based cleaner and conditioner keeps squeegee rollers clean and running effectively.

Melpawash 3000

Print Plate Cleaning Solution

A versatile solvent cleaner engineered primarily with automated plate cleaning machines in mind. Fully water rinsable to assure no detrimental effects on plate quality.

Cell Clean Plus

Anilox Cleaner for Spray Wash Machines

Developed for the automated cleaning of anilox rolls in pressure wash machines, this formulation has a high active content making it perform well across a broad spectrum of media used in the print industry. Available in concentrated form or Ready-To-Use spray bottles for spot cleaning rollers and sleeves.

Cell Gel

Heavy Duty Specialist Ink Remover

CELL GEL is suitable for the removal of all types of printing inks, lacquers and adhesives
from a wide range of equipment and surfaces. It is designed for difficult to access and
stubborn to clean areas such as Anilox rollers and brushes, for restoring cells/equipment
to their original depth and condition..

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