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We have a proven track record of supplying products into a range of retail environments. Our logistics and customer services teams are happy to answer any questions about introducing Liquid Science Tile Care into your company.


Protecting tiles against stains and spillages is important, but our range of finishing products will also make your tiled surfaces more hard-wearing and longer lasting.


Caring for your tiled areas shouldn’t be a chore, so let our range of professionally graded cleaners keep your tiled areas looking their best without the effort.


Adding a little something extra to tiles can make all the difference to the look and feel of a surface, enhancing tiles will brighten rooms and help to protect against spillages and stains.

Explore our comprehensive new range of Liquid Science Tile Care Products

Our newest range of Tile Care products includes premium formulations of cleaning, sealing and after care products.


Browse our range of high efficiency sealers which can be used on a range of different tile and stone surfaces

Grout & Tile Sealer Aerosol


Oil and water-based stains are no longer a problem with our easy application Grout Sealer aerosol.  This product delivers a deep reaching action into grout lines to ensure the finished seal is secure, impenetrable and long lasting.  As a bonus, our Grout Sealer is safe to use in conjunction with most tile types.

Tile Seal & Protect Gloss


The shimmering gloss finish of this tile sealer protects surfaces from all kinds of stains and spillages by soaking deep into tiles to prevent any moisture from soaking through  Designed to be long lasting and tough enough to endure high levels of footfall. 

Tile Seal & Protect


Our natural finish Tile Seal & Protect delivers a powerful seal to shield tiles against all kinds of stains and spillages. Penetrates deep into surfaces to provide a more comprehensive and long lasting finish for many different tile types.


Keeping tiles looking their best is now easier than ever with a range of task cleaners. Our products cover everything from every day wiping to deep cleaning treatments to provide professional after care solutions customers can rely on.

Tile & Stone Mould Remover


The cure to a common ill in tiled environments.  Our Mould Remover’s unique triple action formula works to lift, clean and then prevent mould spores from returning.  Developed to provide an easy spray and wipe solution that will tackle both black and pink mould types no matter how stubborn.

Grout & Tile Cleaner


Actively targets grime and penetrates grout to provide a deep and comprehensive clean with little effort.  Tested for use to ensure a safe application on a range of different tile and stone surfaces, and formulated to retain the deep cleaning action in any situation.

Every Day Tile Cleaner


Little & often goes a long way in keeping washrooms resilient, so we developed our Every Day Tile Cleaner to tackle the day to day problems we all face in washrooms, kitchens and other tiled areas.  Our product is spec’d  to go above and beyond professional levels of cleaning power, but designed to be caring and pleasant enough for home use.

Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner


A powerful and hard wearing cleaner designed to take the effort out of cleaning stubborn soiling.  Ideal for when a robust clean is needed or for when grout, cement or limescale is present on newly laid tiles.  Our Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner also doubles up as a handy preparation treatment to deep clean before polishing.

Glass & Tile Cleaner


Engineered with a fast evaporating action to leave glass, tiles and many other surfaces streak free, shining and with an unparalleled clean..  This product is graded for use in museums and other professional environments, but developed with home use in mind, making it the perfect all-rounder for glass surfaces and tiles around the bathroom or kitchen.


Enhancing natural tiles can add new dimensions to surfaces. Whether you’re looking to enhance the natural texture or boost the colour of tiles, we have the product for you.

Tile & Stone Colour Enhancer


Brighten up your tiled surfaces with our Tile & Stone Colour Enhancer!  This finishing product boosts the natural appearance and texture of tiles to deliver a more vivid look and additonally proved serious protection against oil and water based stains.