Water Based Print Room Cleaners

Explore our product listings for water based print room cleaners designed to keep anilox and printing plates working at peak capacity.

Water Based Ink Removal

Keeping high quality water based chemicals in the print room is an important step in helping your business cut down on the day to day maintenance of anilox cylinders and the press itself. Water based ink cleaners provide longer working times for on-press cleaning and effective multi-use solutions for ultrasonic and immersion tanks and other off-press machinery.

AR 950

Heavy Duty Water Based Ink Remover

Designed for removing ink deposits from the cell structures of Anilox rolls and also with general, heavy-duty, print room cleaning in mind; this water based solution is ideal for many different printing systems including ultrasonic and immersion tanks.

AR Plus

Deep Cleaning Water Based Ink Remover

A deep cleaning solution which is ideal for use on Anilox roll cylinders and ultrasonic tanks: the unique blend of non-abrasive and water based solvents in this product will emulsify any stubborn water based or solvent ink.

Cyclone PRC

Water Soluble Press Room Cleaner

Formulated as an all purpose, solvent-built, water based cleaner for the Newspaper industry to remove stubborn, oil based, press room inks on all washable surfaces even when cured. Can be flushed and rinsed with water and performs excellently as a substitute to solvent cleaners for ink fly cleaning where slipping may occurs.

Lightning FC

Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser

Ideal for any surface or equipment around the print room that is in need of a heavy duty clean. This fast acting product will re-wet dried inks leaving no grease residue behind. Can be used in ultrasonic systems and immersion tanks effectively with very high dilution rates.  .

Thunder FC

Water Based Cleaner for Inks with High Solvent Content

Developed for rapid removal of water based inks with high solvent content. This versatile product can also be used for general print room cleaning, end of run wash up and on anilox roll cylinders.


Re-Circulating Cleaner for Water Based Inks

The lower alkalinity of this low foaming cleaner allows for longer contact on machine parts and is ideal for cleaning flexographic printing equipment regularly and for “caustic sensitive” materials such as aluminium and its alloys. The excellent solubility of this product allows machinery to be back in production with minimum down time.

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